Vietnam Healthcare Forum 2020

global healthcare

Vietnam is a country in transition. Rising income, government revenue, and expenditure have led to substantial investments that have furthered economic development and human capital improvements. While the economy is still expected to grow at a steady pace in the medium term, the Government of Vietnam has, in recent years, had to shift gears toward fiscal consolidation, to reduce the high levels of public debt that had arisen from high government spending. The focus on expenditure controls and improving efficiency of spending is a government-wide concern, including in the health sector.

The second fastest growing economy in Asia can benefit from enhanced expertise, best global practices and better offerings in clinical outcomes for its people.

We strongly believe that better knowledge transfer and transformational practices brought by the best in the industry can empower Vietnam with a healthcare system comparable with any advanced provider nation in the region. Being leaders on thought and practice and with years of experience in the region, the Vietnam Healthcare Forum aims to be an annual cornerstone event for the empowerment of healthcare innovation and empowerment in the country.